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The AGO is committed to openness and transparency. We post our strategic plan, financial reports and key policies for everyone to see.


2015-18 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan will provide a clear path forward to help us achieve an AGO we will cherish and value – an institution that is more ambitious, forward-looking and impactful. This plan will be linked to our operational plans and budgets and we will measure our success using traditional metrics and new measures that address emerging trends and campaign goals.

In order to achieve success, we have developed a Strategic Plan centred on four goals and two important “enablers” that are embedded in and cut across the entire plan. Our plan confirms a dynamic programming direction to guide our planning over the next three years, and includes an ambitious fundraising campaign.


We will present an integrated and forward-looking program that balances creative vision, global visibility, local appeal and fiscal stability. Our artistic offerings of exhibitions, public programs, collection galleries and publications will attract higher attendance, shape the conversation about art in Toronto, connect us to the world and facilitate exceptional visitor experiences.


We will increase our attendance by deepening our relationships with existing members and visitors, attracting new audiences and diversifying our audiences, presenting a consistent brand across all elements of our business and flexibly responding to our changing competitive environment.


We will build and retain a community of donors and advocates who believe in the AGO’s position locally and internationally, and who demonstrate their commitment through increased investments and donations to support our content, audience growth and capital development aspirations.


We will be a passionate, progressive, achievement-driven institution supported by the right structure, culture, people and processes to fulfill our mandate and achieve our mission, vision and values.

We will leverage technology and make key capital investments (our two enablers) to support all four strategic goals. These investments will help us to:

  • Offer a customized and welcoming visitor invitation and experience.
  • Provide greater online access to our collection and programming.
  • Experience world class presentation spaces.
  • Provide a superior work environment for staff and volunteers.

By 2018, we will be successful if we have:

  • Attendance growth, increased loyalty, and more diverse audiences.
  • A long-term program schedule shaped to meet the AGO’s artistic and business needs.
  • Marketing strategies based on a greater understanding of our visitors.
  • Increased donor support for annual operations.
  • Robust commitment to a major fundraising campaign connected to future aspirations.
  • A high-performance culture with strong staff and volunteer satisfaction and engagement.

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