Seniors Social: Brian Jungen, Willie Cole, and Found Objects Sculpture

Image of WIllie Cole Sculpture Mother and Child

Willie Cole. Mother and Child, 2008. Shoes, leather, plastics, rubber, metal, Overall: 80.6 × 30.5 × 25.4 cm. Purchased with the assistance of David and Yvonne Fleck, Miriam Rogers, the Ivey Foundation Fund, the Michael and Diane Hasley Fund and James Lahey and Pym Buitenhuis, 2008. © Willie Cole 2008/48


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Seniors Social: Brian Jungen, Willie Cole, and Found Objects Sculpture

Wednesday, October 13, 2:15 pm
Seniors Social: Brian Jungen, Willie Cole, and Found Objects Sculpture

(PLEASE NOTE: There is a 15 min delay to the start of this program, and the new start time will be approx 2:15pm)

Make new art connections and spark conversations! Join us for our free virtual Seniors Social program, a live biweekly series for older adults that combines conversations with art and artmaking. The AGO believes providing opportunities to experience art and artmaking increases well-being.

Contemporary sculptors frequently stray from traditional materials (marble, wood, bronze etc.) in favour of everyday popular culture objects, often charged with meaning and symbolism instead. Today, we will explore the creative processes of two phenomenal contemporary sculptors  – Willie Cole and Brian Jungento get a sense of how and why they decide which materials to use. We'll also work with objects from everyday life to create our own sculptures. 

For the artmaking portion of our session, you will need:  glue, everyday objects you think might work well (e.g. old pen lids; pieces of old clothes/shoes; that key from your old apartment in Japan; that rusty screw that popped out of your porch, etc.) Anything goes!


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