Seniors Social: Karoo Ashevak and Annie Pootoogook

Figure with large mouth with a spirit hanging out

Karoo Ashevak. Shaman with Spirit Helper, 1972. whalebone, ivory, grey stone, sinew, 47.7 x 23.6 x 16.6 cm. Gift of Samuel and Esther Sarick, Toronto, 1996. © Public Trustee of Nunavut, Estate of Karoo Ashevak. 96/744


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Seniors Social: Karoo Ashevak and Annie Pootoogook

Wednesday, June 16, 2 pm

Make new art connections and spark conversations! If you are an older adult, join us for our virtual Seniors Social program, a live weekly series that combines conversations with art and art making. The AGO believes that providing opportunities to experience art and art making increases wellbeing.

In this session we'll take a close look at work by two extraordinary Inuit artists: Karoo Ashevak and Annie Pootoogook. Though their styles are vastly different, both artists developed particular aesthetics that upend what many tend to think of about Inuit culture. While Ashevak's work often transports the viewer to a more spiritual realm, Pootoogook's pencil crayon drawings are firmly grounded in concrete, often gritty, lived experiences.

Please have colour pencils or colour crayons, paper, and textured and/or flat household objects to create frottage art and portraits. You can take a look at other Portraits of Resilience ahead of time for some inspiration.


Live sessions will contain automated closed captions.

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