Shape of the Museum: Nancy Wu and Adam Levine

headshots of speakers Adam Levine and Nancy Wu


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Shape of the Museum: Nancy Wu and Adam Levine

Thursday September 3, 2 pm
Shape of the Museum: Nancy Wu and Adam Levine

Join the AGO’s Adam Levine for a conversation with Nancy Wu, Senior Managing Educator of The Cloisters, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, about reimagining the Medieval period, so often associated with Europe, as a global phenomenon.

Nancy Wu is Senior Managing Educator for Public Programs at The Cloisters, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since joining the Cloisters in 1998, she has overseen aspects of gallery teaching, contributed to the production of audio guides and other online publications, and managed public programs from gallery talks to medieval/Renaissance concerts and scholarly conferences. A trained medievalist, she co-authored The Cloisters: Medieval Art & Architecture (2005/2012) with Peter Barnet, and has presented and published on the Cloisters collection, most recently “The Portal from Coulangé, A Peripatetic Journey,” in The Long Lives of Medieval Art & Architecture (2019).

Prior to becoming Assistant Curator of European Art in 2020, Adam Harris Levine held various curatorial roles at the AGO and conducted extensive work with the Thomson Collection of European Art. He is currently finalizing his doctoral dissertation at Columbia University, where he has also taught extensively. Levine’s area of specialty is medieval and renaissance sculpture and decorative arts.

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