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Ages 6–7 , 8–10, and 11-13


How far and wide can you see? Scan the landscape of the North and expand your creative horizons and perspective with “sculptures” you can stand inside, shadow box Arctic landscapes, and topographic models of the edges of the world – where shorelines meet the ocean and mountains touch the sky. In our two-week camp, you’ll also create your own imaginary city!

Panorama one- and two-week camps include painting, drawing, sculpture and more…

Age 6-7 — 2 Week Sessions:  2 (July 16-27), 4 (Aug 13-24)
Age 8-10 — 1 Week Sessions: 1A (July 3-6), 3A (July 30-Aug 3)
Age 11-13 — 1 Week Sessions: 1B (July 9-13)

camper with plant
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