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Art Anywhere, Anytime – AGO From Home
In this unprecedented time, Art at the AGO is always here for you to inspire, imagine and create!

On this page you will find resources and activities to help teachers build visual literacy while developing skills in observation, interpretation, critical thinking and creativity…remotely!


These activities are recommended for all ages. Colour, photograph, sketch and make your own art, and share it with #AGOmakes or #AGOfromHome.

Shadow Puppets

Watch Tiana Roebuck, AGO Associate Curator, Learning & Studio Programs, make paper-cut shadow puppets using recycled materials found at home.
(19 minute video)

Stream-of-Consciousness Writing

Inspired by Paul Klee's Hard and Soft drawing, Paola Poetto, Director of Engagement & Learning takes a moment to relax her mind with a simple writing exercise using pencil on paper. 
(2 minute video)

Soft Sculpture

Watch Tiana Roebuck, AGO Associate Curator, Learning & Studio Programs, make her own soft sculpture inspired by Claes Oldenburg's Floor Burger.
(13 minute video)

Tonal Painting

Watch AGO Manager of Strategic Projects Deborah Nolan make her own tonal painting inside a grid, using the colours blue and red inspired by Agnes Martin's The Rose.
(2 minute video)

Educational Tours

The Art Gallery of Ontario offers educational tours that are led by highly trained teaching staff with expertise in museum learning. AGO educational tours support 21st century competencies that include:

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Strategies
    We ignite critical thinking with discovery-based learning and student discussions that engage multiple perspectives. By encouraging students to analyze visual and verbal information and to make personal meaning, field trips support the growth of cultural and visual literacy.
  2. Innovative and Creative Process
    Artmaking workshops promote imaginative thinking and perseverance. Shifting the mindset to consider art as process reinforces continual experimentation, innovation and resilience.
  3. Learning to Learn
    Learning happens when one pauses to examine and question assumptions. By reflecting on issues and ideas, participants make real-world connections from one situation to another. Repeated practice of this disciplined inquiry prepares students to think critically about new events and ideas in the future.
  4. Collaborative Respect
    Working collaboratively to unpack a work of art or to create an art project helps students develop an appreciation for multiple perspectives, be comfortable with ambiguity and tolerate complexity. This equal respect for process and product supports future strong collaborators.
  5. Communication Skills
    Visual literacy is a key skill to understanding the world around us. Art supports new modes of communication and offers agency to students less proficient in verbal and writing skills. Through art, students collaboratively explore and communicate personal identity, while also promoting contemplation and well-being.
  6. Global Citizenship
    Students are encouraged to make interdisciplinary and cross-curricular connections that provide new perspectives and points of access. When asked to consider views and experiences from around the globe, they are building active connections among local and global issues and ideas.


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As a leader in museum and art education, the AGO School and Teacher Programs team is dedicated to creating pedagogical spaces that encourage creativity, enhance visual literacy and facilitate the development of critical thinking.


The Teachers' Access Program offers Ontario teachers an enhanced level of engagement with the Gallery.

Registration for AGO TAP is FREE with a valid Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) card or proof that you are a full time teacher




AGO TAP benefits include

  • FREE (same day) general admission 
  • Subscription to the Educators' eNewsletter
  • Invitations to exclusive teachers' events and previews
  • Advance notice of special school tours and programming
  • AGO Teachers resources and activities that you can use in the classroom to help students build visual literacy and develop their skills in observation, interpretation, critical thinking and creativity.

If you have any questions about the AGO's Teachers' Access Program please contact us via email at


How do I receive my complimentary General Admission ticket through the Teachers’ Access Program?

To receive your free General Admission ticket to the AGO after you have registered in AGO TAP, present your valid OCT card and photo ID at the AGO ticket desk. Please allow 72 hours for activation of new AGO TAP registrations.

What do I bring to the Gallery?

Please bring a valid OCT card and photo ID.

Can I bring any guests into the gallery for free with the Teachers’ Access Program?

There is a limit of one General Admission ticket per registered AGO TAP teacher per day. Ticket cannot be transferred or sold. No cash value.

Can I receive a ticket for a future date?

Tickets issued through AGO TAP are only valid for the same day.

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