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The kids are alright

The kids are alright

A black and white image of Rowan Lynch in an art studio.

Portrait of Rowan Lynch. Photo by Sardar Farrokhi.

A black and white image of Rowan Lynch in an art studio.
Portrait of Rowan Lynch. Photo by Sardar Farrokhi.

For over 10 years, the AGO Youth Council  has initiated all sorts of programming by young people for young people, including exhibitions, public art projects, events, field trips and more.

We chatted with Youth Council member Rowan Lynch to find out why she loves being a member of this collective. Lynch joined the Youth Council in her first year at OCAD in 2013. As a frequent AGO visitor, the idea of meeting other art lovers around her age and taking a peek behind the scenes of the museum sounded like an opportunity too good to miss.

Three ceramic heads
Ceramic works made in the AGO Youth Council. Image courtesy of Rowan Lynch.

And she has really enjoyed her time on the Youth Council -- especially the artist talks. Each year, two to three artist talks are held for members of the Youth Council and Lynch tells us these are wonderful. “Seeing a presentation about a person’s practice in such an intimate setting is amazing. We can ask them any questions we want. Sarah (Febbraro, Programmer, Youth Programs and Special Events, Public Programming and Learning) always asks the artists really relevant real life questions about getting funding and making a living, which isn’t information you often hear,” Lynch says.

Lynch also really enjoys working with other Youth Council members on projects. “It’s unique to collaborate with so many people. There are always 20 to 30 people involved in each project. I’ve never been in a situation like that before,” she says. “Also, interacting with people from all different ages is really cool. We have people from high school to university on the Youth Council, people in different stages of life with different perspectives, and it’s really special.”

2018 is Rowan’s last year with the Youth Council. “I know I’m going to miss it,” she says. “The Youth Council is its own community. We spend the first part of each meeting checking in with each other. I’ve known those people for years. It’s been so nice getting to know everyone.”

Lynch was awarded the 2018 OCAD University Medal in Criticism & Curatorial Studies for her thesis Tie It Off & Count Again, an exhibition and publication project.

A bouquet of vases, a red grid of string, and a red and blue tapestry hang in a gallery with white walls.
Installation view of Rowan Lynch's project, Tie It Off & Count Again. Image courtesy of Rowan Lynch.

To Lynch we say congratulations on your award and upcoming graduation. Thank you for donating your time and energy to the AGO Youth Council!

Follow along on the AGO Youth Instagram account @agoyouth, or the Facebook page AGO YOUTH. If you're interested in joining AGO Youth Council, the process to apply will be posted on both channels as well on the AGO Youth Council web page in August.

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