Seniors Social: Hard Edge Style

An AGO Art Educator stands to the left holding a board with painted colours. They wear a green shirt and a rainbow lanyard. On the right, there are three elderly individuals smiling. A painting can be seen in the background out of focus.

Image courtesy of the gallery. 


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Seniors Social: Hard Edge Style

Friday, January 15, 11 am
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Seniors Social: Art Talk
Seniors Social: Art Instruction
Seniors Social: Art Making

Make new art connections and spark conversations! If you are an older adult, join us for the virtual Seniors Social Program, a monthly series that combines conversations with art and art making.The AGO believes that providing opportunities to experience art and art making increases wellbeing. 

Rita Letendre is one of the most critically acclaimed living abstract artists. Seeking to express the full energy of life and harness an intense spiritual force with her powerful gestures, Letendre developed her own abstract aesthetic. We will explore her artistic process to support an art making activity inspired by her artwork.

The art making activity explores Letendre’s painting hard edge style. You will need a hard surface, acrylic paint, flat brushes, masking tape and some patience. We will explore the composition of extremely dynamic shapes within the surface using tape to mask off edges creating sharp straight lines.

This series has three parts: a conversation about art, an art instruction tutorial and an art making video inviting you to make an artwork inspired by the conversation. Watch all three videos at once, or at your own pace. Share your artworks with us at #AGOmakes.

Learn more about Seniors Social and watch past videos.

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