Seniors Social: Marks and Textures

An individual in an orange shirt and grey vest sits at a table in front of an abstract painting. They smile, clasping their hands together. A figure in black, with their back turned to the camera, can be seen in the background with their hand of their hips.

Image courtesy of gallery. 


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Seniors Social: Marks and Textures

Friday, March 19, 11 am
Facebook Live
Virtual Seniors Social: Art Talk | Part 5
Virtual Seniors Social: Art Instruction | Part 5
Virtual Seniors Social: Art Making | Part 5

Make new art connections and spark conversations! If you are an older adult, join us for the virtual Seniors Social program, a monthly series that combines conversations with art and art making. The AGO believes that providing opportunities to experience art and art making increases wellbeing.  

Gerald Gladstone, a multidisciplinary artist, explored earth and space themes in his artwork. Art, according to Gladstone, is an essential part of the process of how we understand the world around us. 

Gerald Gladstone’s Galaxy paintings are a fabulous way to explore mark making and texture with geometric shapes and dissected lines. Using either a pen, sharpie, pencil or chalk we will explore the nature of overlapping forms and lines. We recommend going big with large paper, like 18 x 24 newsprint. The larger the paper, the larger the gesture.

This series has three parts: a conversation about art, an art instruction tutorial and an art making video inviting you to make an artwork inspired by the conversation. Watch all three videos at once, or at your own pace. Share your artworks with us at #AGOmakes.

Tools needed: Kraft paper, super fat sharpies, medium sharpies, fine sharpies, white conte, charcoal, and oil pastel

Learn more about Seniors Social and watch past videos.

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